The biobank of clinical samples is an existing large infrastructure founded and maintained by the Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute (MMCI) and functionally it is bound to the OP VaVpI RECAMO project. The biobank at MMCI was certified by the management board of the BBMRI as an associated entity and it will become coordinator of Czech part of the pan-European research infrastructure BBMRI (Biobanking and biomolecular resources research infrastructure) under BBMRI_CZ name.

The goal of BBMRI_CZ is to create a network of biobanks in the Czech Republic under supervision of MMCI, which will store patients biological samples in a long-term way in standardized and approved conditions. An important part of this project is development of information system which will allow interoperability of the BBMRI_CZ with other European biobanks.

MMCI not only develops and maintains a biobank of cancer diseases samples, it also has unique set of technologies and expertise to implement translational research in molecular biology, an its clinical applications including clinical trials. There is know-how to conduct translational research in areas of cell biology, molecular oncology and applied molecular oncology. In the biobanking area, the MMCI biobank will allow access to clinical sample and possibly also their analyses in such a way to the the archived material will support further development of prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

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